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10 Luxury Hotels- Fabulous Travel

Luxury hotels are not just a place to sleep but an experience in themselves. From historic to modern, Majorca to Monaco here are 10 favourite Luxury Hotels featured on The Fabulous Times from the past two years. Whether you’re planning a weekend…

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What to take or not take (Part 2)

In my last letter, I covered some of the basics on light travel packing. Now I want to share a few interesting things I discovered over the years. Once you go to an area for five or more times, you will most likely buy less and less to bring back with you, In fact you …

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Time for a change

Time for a change. After reading and spending time in many different travel sites and blogs, I did not see anything that ready covered all the basis for information that I was after. Oh, I could find information by digging and searching many, many different sites, but why should you go through this when I already have? …

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