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Canadian Travel Cards, The Good, The Bad and Everything Else

Canadian travel Card

  Canadian travel Card  There have been a lot of changes in the Travel Card Industry, and if you like to collect points, you really have to keep on top of which is the best, for the next two years or more. Now, we need to cover a few basic things before we get into …

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Delta Halifax Business Travel Review

After staying in many rooms that I consider “normal” I think I have grown used to having somethings not being perfect. In this case, I have to say that, the more time went on, I was looking closely since I could not find anything wrong with this hotel. The room was super clean and did …

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Catalonia Bavaro Resort

This is a review of the Catalonia Bavaro Beach, Casino & Golf Resort, Dominican Republic. We chose this resort after reading many reviews on Trip Advisor. Here is my review. Okay, it’s time to set the story straight on this wonderful resort. Let me start be saying that one of the reasons we chose this resort …

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Time for a change

Time for a change. After reading and spending time in many different travel sites and blogs, I did not see anything that ready covered all the basis for information that I was after. Oh, I could find information by digging and searching many, many different sites, but why should you go through this when I already have? …

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