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NewLeaf Travel

While we are hoping that Canada will have a new airline that offers new lower fares, for now it has been sidelined. It seems that there are questions and the CTA is now in the middle of it. Their website is down with a holding page that states in part … “The CTA is currently …

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Travel as far as you can

How Far Can You Fly?

When you travel, are you taking full advantage of the connections that you have to take? Have you considered extending that business trip by a few days and taking in the sights of one of your stops? Why not do this on purpose and take full advantage of the possible stops along the way. Recently …

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Cuban Resorts

Iberostar Ensenachos

Iberostar Ensenachos, Cayo Santa Maria (Isla). Cayo Ensenachos Santa MarĂ­a Clara, Cuba Well, I am overdue on my articles but, I am still unsure of what to say about this resort, this area and this Country. It is almost a question of writing about the country to understand the resort. One one hand, I want …

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Comfort Hotel Bayer’s Lake Halifax: What are you looking for in a hotel?

Comfort Hotel - Welcome Gift.

I have worked on this review for a while now because I am comparing different hotels in the greater Halifax area. However, I have decided that it would not be exactly fair to this place to compare it to the downtown hotels. It is like trying to compare and apple to an orange. They are …

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