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Classic Resort on St. Pete Beach

Postcard Inn on the Beach — A treat for those wanting something different. This place, along with a few other locations are the dieing breed to the classic hotel of the 50’s and 60’s. It’s cute, nostalgic you might feel that a Star from the old movies might walk around the corner. That is what I …

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Coming of Age — Florida Style

Old Town Clock

That Old Town Florida: Part 1 Traveling to Florida several times a year can mean that you start to see redundancy in some of the things people like to do and like me to write about. We have to remember that Florida is so much more than what my wife likes to call the “Plastic …

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Let’s talk Florida!

Anna Maria Island Beach

Let’s talk Florida! — for today, it’s Anna Maria Island!! I know that as soon as I say “Florida” most people will automatically think of Orlando, International Drive, Universal Studios and of course the place with the mouse, Disney.  Now, don’t get me wrong here. I grew up with Disney and later Universal. I am …

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